Expert: Morocco faces a dangerous shortage of water in 2025

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Rabat: Population growth and the scarcity of water resources in Morocco portend a structural crisis, human and financial, in the making.

The Moroccan expert in water resources, Moulay Driss Hasnaoui, has sounded the alarm about the future of water resources in Morocco.

According to him, Morocco is threatened by water scarcity by 2025, if not take urgent measures to address this serious deficit widening from year to year.

In the 70s, the availability of water consumption per capita was 1700 m3 today notes Dr. Moulay Driss, Hasnaoui  the water consumption has fallen to 720 m3.

The downward trend will continue to reach the dangerous threshold of 500 m3 in 2025, warns the Moroccan expert.


Expert: Morocco faces a dangerous shortage of water in 2025
Note that the UN ranks Morocco in the list of countries facing serious water shortage in 2025, defines the water stress threshold of 1,000 m3 per capita water barrier below which Morocco is past recent years, since 2013, the per capita water availability was not more than 720 m3.

Also note that Morocco has no substantial water deposits, it bases its supplies on rainfall characterized by inconsistency, coupled with a low capacity to capture, and non-renewable groundwater severely depleted as it is the case of the Sous.

In the era of King Hassan II,therewas aplan for the establishment of a nuclear power plant for desalination of sea water, except that the project for economic and geostrategic could not be materialised.


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